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Keychains & Gifts

Let them know they’re on your mind with a special customized gift!


Looking for a perfect, customized gift to show you’re really thinking of someone?

Woobie Beans offers useful presents for the more practical people in your life. But that doesn’t mean your gift has to be boring! Pick custom, hand stamped messages and designs and capture your loved one’s personality in a beautiful and practical gift.

Some of our gifts include:

Guitar picks
Golf Markers
Wallet cards

Hand Stamped Keychains and Gifts


Keychains are a great way to give an ordinary bag or keyring some much needed style.

If you’re giving a keychain as a gift, get creative with customizable features inspired by your loved one’s personality!

State Pride

Show state pride with our home state keychains.

Be Inspired

Be inspired by your favorite saying or Bible verse every time you reach for your keys.

Capture Moments

Capture your favorite inside joke with a custom keychain.

Show Personality

Display your interests with your favorite sport, instrument, or anything else that makes you you!

Customization Options

Most of our keychains can be customized in any way you want. We can use different materials and sizes to accommodate your design. We’ll make sure it meets your exact specifications.

Keychains go through a lot of wear and tear during the day, since they have a very important purpose. All of our keychains are made on stainless steel split rings for the extreme durability.

These keychains are made to last you a lifetime!

Hand Stamped Keychains and Gifts

Additional Gift Options

Mens gifts, Father's Day, Leather personalized cuffs, personalized copper money clip, personalized guitar pick, My Daddy Rocks

Guitar Picks

Guitar picks are a great, simple gift for the musician in your life. Inspire their creativity with a customized message on these hand stamped metal guitar picks. Your favorite musician doesn’t want another cheap, plastic pick that will just wear down or break. Our sturdy metals will hold up to daily use. Any skilled guitarist will feel the difference a high quality pick makes.

Golf Markers

We have custom golf markers which come in handy every time your favorite golfer is out on the course. Markers are used as a placeholder for a golf ball on the green when multiple players are putting at the same time. A customized metal marker is more professional than generic plastic. Don’t get caught using a coin instead of a real marker!

Wallet cards

Wallet cards will keep your loved ones centered with a special message from you. They’ll see their wallet card every time they open their wallet. On stressful days, it’s touching to be reminded someone cares. You can even add your handwriting to the engraving for a personal touch.

Keychain & Gift Information

All of our metals are nickel-free. The specific metals in your necklace are noted in the individual product descriptions. If you have sensitivities or allergies to any particular metals in the design you’re interested in, contact us and we’ll try our best to create a hypoallergenic option with a similar design.

All hand stamped or engraved items are customizable. Generally, we cannot stamp on the backs of discs, unless otherwise noted in the product description. Character count limitations are noted in the individual product descriptions.

Each item will prompt you to leave any personalization or customizations. Once your order is received, we begin creating your special piece. If I have questions during the process, I will reach out to you for clarification via email.