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Mother’s Day Cards She’s Sure to Love

Mother’s Day Cards She’s Sure to Love

Mother’s Day Cards She’s Sure to Love

We spend a lot of time searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gifts, but what about the cards? However it’s delivered, her Mother’s Day card should be as thoughtful and personal as her gift.

Plan ahead with some of our favorite ideas!

  • DIY Cards
  • Store-bought Cards
  • eCards

DIY Cards

We’re not talking about old school cards made with construction paper, glitter, and glue sticks (although we’re sure she’d still treasure it forever). But we have a few modern DIY ideas she’s sure to love.


Homemade cards have a special place in our hearts. Not only are they affordable, but they show you put a lot of thought into personalizing and crafting a thoughtful Mother’s Day message. We suggest browsing websites like Pinterest and DIY Projects for kid-friendly ideas or inspiration for the even the most experienced crafters.

Design Online

Websites like Shutterfly, Cardstore, and Minted are a great alternative to more hands-on DIY projects.  From photos of the family to unique fonts and messages, you can customize a card for mom without the messiness of cutting, gluing, and crafting.

Store-bought Cards

Store-bought cards are great. They aren’t time-consuming, they’re professionally designed, and there’s zero chance of cutting yourself or accidentally gluing paper hearts to your sweater. Make sure they still have that personal touch by picking a card that fits the mom in your life.


Making her laugh is like giving her an extra gift!


Buy her a sweet card and add your own handwritten note to it. She’ll appreciate reading about how much she’s loved in your own words!

Stepmoms, Like-A-Moms, Grandmas, and Everyone in Between

Mother’s Day isn’t just for celebrating the women who gave birth to us (although, we certainly appreciate them). Celebrate the women in your life who have guided you, lifted you up, and been there every step of the way with cards designed just for them!


If digital communication is the best option for you, fret not! You can still send a thoughtful card to your loved ones this Mother’s Day.

Websites like Hallmark, JibJab, American Greetings, and even Amazon offer Mother’s Day eCards for every budget and style. Some even offer the opportunity to include a video or audio message with your eCard.

Bonus Idea: Gift Cards

A gift card to her favorite restaurant, store, or spa is always a sweet idea, but it’s particularly recommended if your Mother’s Day card is also an “I’m sorry this is late” card.

Whether you choose to craft, order, or email your Mother’s Day cards this year, make sure you include a personal, loving touch. Check out some of our favorite pieces of handwritten jewelry to pair her perfect card with the perfect gift.

What are some of your favorite Mother’s Day card ideas? Share them with us below!

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