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Planning a Bridal Shower for Your Favorite Bride-To-Be

Planning a Bridal Shower for Your Favorite Bride-To-Be

Planning a Bridal Shower for Your Favorite Bride-To-Be

When the responsibility of planning a bridal shower for one of the ladies in your life is on you, it can be stressful. But don’t worry! We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to planning a bridal shower. Don’t know who to invite? That’s okay, we do. Not sure how long it should last? We got you. Even if this isn’t your first shower planning experience, make sure you don’t miss a single thing by following the steps below!

First things first…

  1. Pick a date and the guest list- Make sure you give plenty of notice to all invited guests (including the bride!), and try to get an idea of how many people you can expect to attend. If you’re not throwing the bridal shower as a surprise, be sure to discuss with the bride who she’d like to invite.
  2. Choose a theme – Okay, a theme is optional but it can make it easier to plan decorations, food, the venue, and games.
  3. Determine location and decoration – Both of these may depend on the theme, say if you’re hosting a French-themed bridal shower, you probably don’t want to hold it at a shabby chic barn venue with mason jars everywhere.
  4. Book catering and entertainment – The earlier you can book the food and entertainment, the less stressed you will be!
  5. Send out invitations – You can find great invitation templates online to create an affordable but still elegant bridal shower invitation. Get them printed out and sent as soon as you’ve verified the date, time, location, and theme.

All of the above should be completed between four to six weeks prior to the bridal shower.

As you get closer…

  1. Shop for decorations – Make sure to scope out the venue in person to plan how you want to decorate before you go on a purchasing spree in Hobby Lobby! It’s easy to get excited and let your cart overfill but be mindful of the bridal shower budget, as this is typically compiled by the bridesmaids.
  2. Confirm all reservations – It’s precautionary, but important to verify with all your vendors shortly before the event that your reservations are in fact confirmed. This includes the venue, the caterer, the entertainment, and the florist.
  3. Confirm RSVPs – Get a final headcount for the bridal shower by confirming all the RSVPs received.
  4. Don’t forget to the get the bride a gift too! – While it’s your responsibility as the maid of honor, bridesmaid, or even mother of the bride (a lot of brides are stepping away from traditions), you can’t forget to get the bride a gift!

All of the above should be completed 1 week or more prior to the bridal shower.

The day of the bridal shower…

  1. Show up early and decorate – Make sure you get to the venue extra early to begin decorating and also to be a point of contact for vendors as they arrive. Be sure to include a gift opening space and room for bridal shower games!
  2. Run any last minute errands – Sometimes, as much as we plan and prepare, things go wrong. There’s nothing we can do about it! But you can be prepared to make any last minute errand runs in case someone forgets the balloons or someone accidentally purchased a box full of plastic gold spoons but we need forks!

Gifts for the Bride

Now, we know you’re busy planning every detail of this wedding shower, so below you can find beautiful bridal gift ideas. They’re personal, high quality, and can be delivered right to you! So you won’t have to sacrifice quality for time when it comes to this bridal shower gift.

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