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Fingerprint Necklace

Fingerprint Necklace


Give mom the most unique gift with our Fingerprint Necklace. Your Mom will love wearing your unique and individual prints around her neck for all to see!


Give mom your unique fingerprints to last a lifetime.


Your fingerprints are yours and yours alone. Mom will love our Fingerprint necklace because it gives her something unique and different. She will get to hold on to her pride and joy no matter how big you get or how far away you live. You can personalize the necklace by adding names to the back of the charm, creating a 2 in 1 necklace.

Mom will get a chance to show off her children to her friends over coffee, at church each weekend, or at family gatherings. She will enjoy sharing the uniqueness of our Fingerprint Necklace.

Mom will wear each of her blessings close to her heart and be reminded of the great love she has as a mother.

Don’t forget about Grandma…

This unique Fingerprint Necklace works great for any proud Grandmother too. Grandma can wear a personalized fingerprint charm to represent each grand baby.


Looking for a special memorial piece…

Our Fingerprint Necklace can be a great way to cherish a loved one that has passed and is no longer with you. Keep their memory alive with this one of a kind piece


  • Engraving of actual fingerprint or footprint (that you provide) on a sterling silver disc
  • Each silver petite disc measure 1/2″
  • You may include a name (up to 10 characters) on the back of each disc
  • Allows you to wear the necklace 2 ways
  • For fingerprint and footprint jewelry, the print needs to be black and white with as little smudging as possible
  • Print must be on white background with no additional lines or text around the area of the print
  • Scanned images are ideal, but if you need to send a photo, please make sure it is clear, focused and free of any glare or shadows
  • Your necklace will come on a beautiful sterling silver cable chain


Please allow up to 2 weeks for your custom order to be completed and shipped.