Kids Drawings Money Clip

Kids Drawings Money Clip


Our unique Kids Drawings Money Clip is the most original gift you could give any Dad or Grandpa. Upload actual kids drawings or handwritten images to capture a special loved one in time forever!

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  • Special, one of a kind Kids Drawings Money Clip
  • Unique money clip captures your child or loved one’s actual handwriting or drawings
  • Money clip is made of thick aluminum
  • Will not tarnish over time
  • Drawings or handwriting will be engraved directly onto the metal
  • Drawings or handwriting may be placed on front or back
  • Please take a photo or scan your handwriting image and upload
  •  The best drawings are black and white (pencil drawings need to have dark lines, if possible) and a simple single image
  • Price includes edit and engraving work for 1 image on each side
  • If multiple images need to be used, there may be an additional editing fee
  • Perfect gift for any proud Dad or Grandpa!
Please allow up to 2 weeks for your custom order to be completed and shipped.