Rose Gold Handwriting Bangle

Rose Gold Handwriting Bangle


Give Mom an easy way to show off and brag about her loved one with this rose gold handwriting bangle. Makes a great memorial piece for a grieving friend.

  • Please upload a picture of the handwritten piece you would like on your piece. Maximum of 3-4 words.


  • Stunning rose gold handwriting bangle
  • Each bracelet is made from a 14K rose gold filled thick wire bangle
  • 14K rose gold filled disc that is engraved with an exact replica of your loved one’s writing, signature or drawing
  • Rose gold filled handwriting charm measures 3/4″
  • Bangle will fit up to a 7.5″ wrist comfortably
  • Please take a photo or scan your handwriting image and upload
  • The best samples are black and white (pencil drawings need to have dark lines, if possible)
  • Because of the size constraints with the small charms, small details in your images may not be able to be captured
  • Gold filled materials are heat bonded to create a product that is not only tarnish resistant but also is resistant to flaking or peeling of the finish under normal circumstances
  • This rose gold handwriting bangle bracelet is such a special gift or memorial
Please allow up to 2 weeks for your custom order to be completed and shipped.