Breathe Mantra Cuff
Breathe Mantra Cuff
Breathe Mantra Cuff
Breathe Mantra Cuff

Breathe Cuff

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Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. Remind yourself or someone else to just simply take each moment one at a time with our Breathe Cuff.


Remember to just Breathe and take each moment as they come with this simple Breathe Cuff.

Maybe you know someone who is struggling with life right now or has a lot on their plate. Maybe they are pulled in a million different directions or wear several different hats. Remind them, or yourself, to take each day as it comes with this Breathe cuff.

By looking down they will take note to just relax and breathe. It's that easy... Inhale. Exhale. Breathe.

Choose the simple phrase of Breathe for your cuff or personalize with your own favorite phrase, motto, saying or mantra.

    • This 1/4" aluminum cuff bracelet is hand stamped simply with "Breathe"

    • or may be customized with your personal phrase

    •  Aluminum is super lightweight and both hypoallergenic and anti-tarnishing

  • Part of the art of hand stamped jewelry is that each letter/character is hand stamped by the artist (well,me). All of the letters will not always be lined up perfectly or come out looking exactly the same....that is part of the charm