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Gold Handwriting Bangle Bracelet

Gold Handwriting Bangle Bracelet

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Give the gift of memories with our Gold Handwriting Bangle Bracelet. Any woman would cherish this piece that has their loved ones actual handwriting. Perfect for Mother's Day or as a memory piece.



Gold Handwriting Bangle Bracelet

Is there anything more precious than a truly personalized gift from a loved one? The Gold Handwriting Bangle Bracelet is the perfect way to express yourself. This thick wire bangle bracelet includes two gold filled charms, one disc and one heart, and each is engraved with your own handwriting, signature, or small drawing.

Add a personal touch to this bracelet by including an image of your signature, or give someone a special note to last a lifetime. Choose a simple but meaningful “I love you” or another short phrase that has meaning only to you. With this bracelet, you’ll carry the etchings of your loved ones wherever you go.

Preserve Memories

This bangle serves as the perfect memory piece for anyone who needs to be reminded of a loved one. Take a child’s first written words and preserve them for Mom or Grandma to cherish, or memorialize the signature of an aging relative so you can keep them with you always. With this personalized bangle bracelet, you can preserve any memory you choose.

Product Details:

    • Gold bangle bracelet with engraved handwriting personalization

    • Bracelet made with 14 Karat gold filled thick wire

    • Includes 14K gold filled round disc and heart charm

    • Disc and heart charm are individually engraved with your writing, signature, or small drawing

    • 14K gold filled disc measures approximately ¾” in diameter

    • 14K gold filled heart charm measures approximately ½” across

    • Gold filled materials are heat bonded to resist peeling, flaking, and tarnishing of the finish under normal wear conditions

    • Makes a great gift!

Personalization Details:

    • Please provide image files with handwriting, drawings, or signatures to be used.

    • For best quality, please provide simple black and white images.

    • Pencil drawings or writing should have dark lines.

    • Due to size constraints from the small charms, keep in mind smaller details may not be captured in the engraving process.

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