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Gold Handwriting Necklace

Gold Handwriting Necklace

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Our one of a kind gold handwritten necklace is the perfect way to remember a special loved one or cherish a sweet memory for a lifetime! Timeless piece!



Handwriting is completely one of a kind. No two people have the exact same script. What better gift than a necklace engraved with unique handwriting? There’s nothing more thoughtful than an irreplaceable gift you can’t find anywhere else.

This 14K gold filled disc and heart charm are classically elegant. The shimmer of the gold combines with the simplicity of the design for a beautiful statement piece that pairs perfectly with any outfit.

For the mom in your life who treasures her little ones.

Those young years are a time to treasure. Is your little one is a little Picasso creating masterpieces in crayon all over the walls? Or are they just learning to spell “MOM”? Either way, celebrate that creativity! We can engrave your children's drawing or handwriting into a charming Gold Handwriting Necklace. Then, when you wear your engraved necklace out, you can flaunt your child’s precious art on more than just your fridge!

For jewelry as unique as your relationship.

Everything that brought you two together tells a love story distinct from anyone else’s. Carry a piece of him with you everywhere you go with a token engraved with his own handwriting. His name, your initials, a special message, or even a simple “I love you” inscribed on this lovely piece makes a great present for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or Valentine’s Day.

For a touching tribute to a late loved one.

When a loved one passes on, you feel lost. It’s easy to feel like they’re gone forever, leaving an empty space in your heart. But they live on through you, your memories of them, and your actions. We can engrave their handwriting into this timeless Gold Handwriting Necklace, so you can hold it in your hands as a real, tangible reminder your loved one is always with you.

    • Handwriting necklace is made from a 14K gold filled disc along with a 14K gold filled small heart charm

    • Choose both or just the gold filled disc or gold filled small heart charm

    • Both engraved with an exact replica of your loved one’s handwriting, signature, or drawing

    • Gold filled round disc measures 3/4″ in diameter

    • Gold filled heart charm measures approximately 1/2″

    • Pendant will come with a gorgeous 14K gold filled cable chain in your choice of length

    • Please take a photo or scan your handwriting image and upload

    • In order to keep the sizing appropriate for the piece, I can generally use a maximum of 3-4 words from the handwriting

    • Wording may need to be rearranged in order to best fit the jewelry disc

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