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Handwriting Charm Bracelet

Handwriting Charm Bracelet

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Our precious handwriting charm bracelet is a special way to display a handwritten note from your loved one. You will forever treasure this timeless piece.

In difficult moments, the right words from the right person can make a meaningful difference. Get your loved one’s heartfelt encouragement engraved in a timeless, sterling silver heart charm.

Whether it’s your mom, your husband, your child, or anyone else who’s always by your side during tough moments. Wearing their words around your wrist is a powerful reminder your special someone is looking out for you.

Each and every person’s handwriting is completely unique to them, like a fingerprint. The intimacy of wearing their one-of-a-kind writing around your wrist makes this bracelet completely distinct from any other jewelry. Bring a piece of them wherever you go.

If you’re giving the Handwritten Charm Bracelet as a gift, you’ll win major points for a gorgeous, versatile statement piece she can wear with any outfit! Sterling silver is timeless for a reason. Its elegance never fails to charm and inspire.

Remember a loved one

When a loved one passes on, it’s hard to keep yourself going. You feel their absence around you every day. Keep yourself grounded with a keepsake engraved with an essential, one-of-a-kind piece of them, like our Handwritten Charm Bracelet. Lift their handwriting from a love letter or a simple note they left around the house. Preserve a tangible piece of your time together for a heartfelt reminder your love will always last.

    • Loved one’s actual handwriting is engraved on the thick sterling silver heart charm.

    • Charm hangs on a beautiful sterling silver charm bracelet.

    • Please take a photo or scan your handwriting image and upload.

    • The best handwriting samples are crisp black and white images.

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