Handwritten Charm Bracelet
Handwritten Charm Bracelet
Handwritten Charm Bracelet
Handwritten Charm Bracelet
Handwritten Charm Bracelet
Handwritten Charm Bracelet
Handwritten Charm Bracelet
Handwritten Charm Bracelet

Handwriting Charm Bracelet

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Our precious handwriting charm bracelet is a special way to display a handwritten note from your loved one. You will forever treasure this timeless piece.



Sometimes when you don’t believe in yourself, you need someone else to remind you of your strength. When you’re in the waiting room for a big job interview, you wish your loved one was there, squeezing your hand and telling you, “You’ve got this!”

In difficult moments, the right words from the right person can make a meaningful difference. Get your loved one’s heartfelt encouragement engraved in a timeless, sterling silver heart charm.

Whether it’s your mom, your husband, your child, or anyone else who’s always by your side during tough moments. Wearing their words around your wrist is a powerful reminder your special someone is looking out for you.

Each and every person’s handwriting is completely unique to them, like a fingerprint. The intimacy of wearing their one-of-a-kind writing around your wrist makes this bracelet completely distinct from any other jewelry. Bring a piece of them wherever you go.

If you’re giving the Handwritten Charm Bracelet as a gift, you’ll win major points for a gorgeous, versatile statement piece she can wear with any outfit! Sterling silver is timeless for a reason. Its elegance never fails to charm and inspire.

Celebrate a marriage

This Handwriting Charm Bracelet is a gorgeous wedding gift that will last far beyond the honeymoon phase. If you’re looking for a gift for your lovely bride-to-be, a bracelet engraved with your handwriting is a heartfelt reminder you’re always by her side. Her bracelet will remind her of the moment you exchanged your vows, the special promise you’ll be together forever through the triumphs and the heartbreaks.

Cherish your mother

Even as you’ve grown up and moved out, your bond with your mom has never weakened. But it can be harder to show how much you love and appreciate her. Surprise her with a charm bracelet engraved with a special message in your handwriting. This gorgeous, versatile Handwritten Charm Bracelet is a constant reminder you’re always in her corner. Even a simple “I Love You” in your familiar handwriting will remind her you’re always her baby even when you’re apart.

Remember a loved one

When a loved one passes on, it’s hard to keep yourself going. You feel their absence around you every day. Keep yourself grounded with a keepsake engraved with an essential, one-of-a-kind piece of them, like our Handwritten Charm Bracelet. Lift their handwriting from a love letter or a simple note they left around the house. Preserve a tangible piece of your time together for a heartfelt reminder your love will always last.

    • Loved one’s actual handwriting is engraved on the thick sterling silver heart charm.

    • Charm hangs on a beautiful sterling silver charm bracelet.

    • Please take a photo or scan your handwriting image and upload.

    • The best handwriting samples are crisp black and white images.