Kids Drawings Bangle with Charms
Kids Drawings Bangle with Charms
Kids Drawings Bangle with Charms
Kids Drawings Bangle with Charms
Kids Drawings Bangle with Charms
Kids Drawings Bangle with Charms

Kid's Drawings Bangle with Charms

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Freeze a tiny moment in time with our kids drawings bangle with charms bracelet. Mom will love seeing her kids handwriting or drawings for years to come! Perfect for Mom or Grandma!



Your child’s creativity inspires you.

They’re always drawing, coloring, or painting, and loving every second of it. If only we had a fraction of their imagination and passion, we’d get so much done!

Sure, sometimes the drawings go a little past the page and all over the walls, but you don’t want to stifle their creativity. Your child is a true Picasso, thinking outside the box!

You have your child’s drawings on the fridge and all over the craft table. But what if you could show off their adorable drawings in a stylish statement piece you can wear every day?

Traditional charm bracelets are customized with your childrens’ names in a standard font. But you know what’s better? Showing off a drawing straight from your child’s crayon, engraved right onto a beautiful stainless steel charm!

This Kid’s Drawing Bangle with Charms is a modern, trendy twist on the classic charm bracelet. The minimal bangle bracelet draws more attention to the charms, decorated with your child’s doodles.

You’ll always remember those young years, so full of joy and imagination.

One day, this Kids Drawing Bangle Bracelet with Charms will be a great keepsake for you and your child to look at together when they’re older and remember their younger years!

Just take a photo of your little one’s drawing, or scan it and upload it to your computer. We’ll do the rest, engraving it onto a durable stainless steel charm. We can add any number of charms so you can treasure any number of your kiddo’s creations for years to come!

    • Bracelet starts with a sturdy stainless steel adjustable/expandable bangle

    • Each charm is engraved with the actual drawing image or handwriting from your kids or loved ones

    • Each charm is made from stainless steel and measures approximately 5/8″

    • Please take a photo or scan your drawings handwriting images and upload

    • The best drawings are black and white (pencil drawings need to have dark lines, if possible) and a simple single image

    • Separate images may be used for multiple charms

    • Because of the size constraints with the small charms, small details in your images may not be able to be captured

    • If needed, a larger 3/4″ charm may be used at no additional charge