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Rose Gold Mother's Bangle

Rose Gold Mother's Bangle

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Give Mom an easy way to show off and brag about her loved ones with this gorgeous rose gold bangle. Perfect for mom or grandma!


  • Stunning rose gold mother's bangle

  • Each bracelet is made from a 14K rose gold filled thick wire bangle

  • 14K rose gold filled disc

  • You may add as many personalized hand stamped discs as you need for a completely custom look

  • Wear this stacked with a sterling or gold bangle and a stamped cuff bracelet for a trendy yet elegant look

  • Perfect Mother's day gift

  • Great for any proud mom or grandma

Did you know?

Why buy gold filled over gold plated? Bracelets get a ton of wear and tear! Even though it is a higher price point, I've chosen to offer gold filled bangles over gold plated in my shop. Gold filled materials are heat bonded to create a product that is not only tarnish resistant but also is resistant to flaking or peeling of the finish under normal circumstances. I've tried both gold filled and gold plated bangles for personal use, and my gold filled still look like new after over a year of regular wear (I seriously wear these daily), while the gold plated bangles looked worn out after about 2 months of fairly regular wear. If you plan to regularly wear your bangles, I definitely recommend the extra investment into gold filled over gold plated.

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