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Round Stainless Handwriting Keychain

Round Stainless Handwriting Keychain

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Give the gift any Dad would want with our Round stainless handwriting keychain. Great for any proud dad, papa, or Pawpaw! Also a great memory piece.


  • Cherished round stainless handwriting keychain

  • You will treasure this keychain with your loved ones' handwriting

  • The keychain is made up of a 1.25" stainless steel disc

  • With a sturdy stainless steel keyring

  • Lettering is left natural for an understated and elegant look

  • Please take a photo or scan your handwriting image and upload

  • In order to keep the sizing appropriate for the piece, I can generally use a maximum of 3-4 words from the handwriting. Wording may need to be rearranged in order to best fit the jewelry disc

  • Great for any Dad, grandpa, or grieving loved one

[color-box color="gray"]Please allow up to 2 weeks for your custom order to be completed and shipped.[/color-box]
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