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Word of Truth Cuff

Word of Truth Cuff

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Words are powerful and can get us through daily tasks, challenges, and joyous occasions. Wear your word of truth cuff and remind yourself daily!



Sweet Daily Reminder with our Word of Truth Cuff

Words have the power to heal, to guide, to remind, to encourage, and so many other abilities. Our word of truth cuff will be a daily reminder to be brave, simplify life, have joy, be kind, find peace or to love! You can choose one of the words we have pictured or your own word, phrase, or mantra. 

Instead of a New Year's Resolution or one specific goal give yourself a word of truth. Your word of truth will guide your choices and decisions throughout the year. Wear your one word cuff to remind yourself of your word of truth!


    • 1/4" aluminum cuff bracelet is hand stamped simply with any word or message of choice

    •  Aluminum is super lightweight and both hypoallergenic and anti-tarnishing

    • If you choose one of the words listed below cuff will be designed like those pictured

    • If you would like a different word, symbol, or something different please choose the custom option and customize your piece

  • Part of the art of hand stamped jewelry is that each letter/character is hand stamped by the artist (well,me). All of the letters will not always be lined up perfectly or come out looking exactly the same....that is part of the charm
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