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There’s a Story Behind Every Piece of Woobie Beans Jewelry

There’s a Story Behind Every Piece of Woobie Beans Jewelry

There’s a Story Behind Every Piece of Woobie Beans Jewelry

Remember when you were little, running around the neighborhood chasing the other kids or fireflies, and the days seemed to last forever? Fast forward to now: Wouldn’t you kill for just an extra hour in the day? Trust me, me too!

It’s easy to let the busyness of the everyday let time fly by — we’re counting down to the next vacation trip or for the beginning of the school year. All the while, some great memories are passing by so fast. Don’t let them fade away with time.

It’s pretty obvious I’m a sentimental person–in fact, everyone on our team is–because our goal is to provide you with a reminder of those amazing moments in your life. What I create could be your daily reminder of your accomplishments. And I don’t take that lightly.

As soon as you choose the perfect piece, I go to work putting time and care into it through personalization and careful quality checks because I know it’s something you’ll carry with you all your life.

While you can’t stop time and stay in the memorable moments of your life, you can create a reminder of it.

That’s our mission here at Woobie Beans. We want to help you remember those times in your life, and that’s why there’s a story behind every piece of our jewelry or other accessories. You’ll find a piece to represent every major milestone, and even those seasons of change and growth you want to remember.


Whether it’s a high school or college graduation, it’s always the end of an era. You’ve dedicated years to hard work, learning new skills, and building relationships in this community, and now you have to leave and start a new chapter. Always keep a reminder of your roots with a Home State Necklace, or commemorate a special spot with our Coordinates Bar Necklace.


When you’re preparing for your wedding day and spending the rest of your life with someone, who is there for you? Your bridesmaids! In the midst of planning, it gets chaotic, but show your appreciation for the hours they spend on the phone talking you down from a crisis with a personalized necklace or bracelet.


People aren’t wrong when they say your wedding day is one of the best days of your life, but it’s easy for the big day to get away from you. Make sure to build in moments to slow down, but you can also mark the big day with gifts for the new man of the family. Make sure he feels the love everyday with a money clip reminder of your shared sense of humor or a custom tie bar to remind him that you help keep him together!

Remember Everyday Moments Too

Sometimes we can get caught up in reaching for milestone after milestone in our lives, but it’s just as important to remember the everyday. Remember the days you needed a Pineapple necklace to remind you to stand tall and stay true to yourself. Or the days when you feel like it’s you against the world, but your Mustard Seed necklace reignites your faith.

Sometimes that concrete reminder of a moment in your life is all you need to relive the excitement, the love, and the strength you’ve had over the years. What’s the story behind your piece of Woobie Beans jewelry?

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