Hi, I’m Kelly

As the owner of Woobie Beans, my greatest joy is crafting personalized jewelry inspired by you. I want to design a handcrafted piece inspired by the sentiment you want to treasure.

I love hearing stories from customers and really getting to know the people I’m designing for. I feel honored to work with you on creating the perfect piece, whether it’s for yourself or a special gift.

I’m married to my awesome husband, Matthew. We have an amazing little girl, Sarah Kate, who is the namesake of Woobie Beans!

Aside from making jewelry, I love photography, decorating, cooking, spending time with my family, and being outdoors. In my free time, I love to travel and experience new cultures.

I’ve never lived outside of my home state, North Carolina, but I’ve explored and lived in many different parts of the state.

Our Dreams

I am a wife, mom, jewelry designer, and child of God. I am the owner of Woobie Beans Handcrafted Jewelry Designs, my labor of love since 2009.

As a child, I was always drawn to the idea of owning my own business, but I never could have imagined Woobie Beans. I was never a very artistic person, but I discovered my creative side when I started making my own handcrafted jewelry.

Once I started my job as a nurse, I never thought life would take me down a different path. I began making jewelry on the side as a fun creative outlet. My skills evolved from beadwork to crafting the hand stamped metal jewelry you see today.

Somehow, my hobby turned into a really awesome business. Woobie Beans allows me to live out my childhood dream of being an entrepreneur. I officially opened my online shop in 2011, and I have loved seeing the business grow and evolve ever since.

Our Values

In my life, my number one value is my faith and following Christ’s teachings. After my faith, I am fully dedicated to my family, followed closely by my dearest friendships. I practice these values in my business by striving to treat every customer just like family.

So many of my customers come to me with these inspiring stories behind the piece of jewelry they’re ordering. I think that’s the reason I love what I do so much. I’m inspired when I hear a customer’s sentimental story they want to embody in a personalized piece of jewelry.

My wonderful grandfather, the ultimate entrepreneur, taught me these principles growing up:

Work hard all day, be memorable, invest wisely, and dream big!

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