Jewelry Care

Jewelry Oxidation

Sterling silver, copper, and brass will naturally oxidize or “tarnish” over time. This is not a defect in the piece, but rather a natural occurrence which happens to ALL sterling silver, copper and brass.

High humidity environments will cause the jewelry to oxidize faster. Other factors that may speed the oxidation process are sweating, certain makeups, lotions, or even medications you take.

The best way to prevent or slow oxidation to your jewelry creation is to wear it often. The oils from your own skin can actually slow the oxidation process.


Cleaning and Polishing Your Jewelry

Your custom jewelry order will come with a complimentary pro polish pad to shine your jewelry. The polish pad will turn dark grey/black with use and when both sides are completely black, it should be discarded and another should be used.

Additional pro polish pads are available for purchase. It is important to avoid getting your pro polish pads wet… they will disintegrate.

Please do not dip or wipe your hand stamped pieces in or with sterling silver jewelry cleaner. This will clean the jewelry, but it will also remove the darkening/oxidation from the stamped areas. (Chains, without the charms attached, may be dipped for 2-3 seconds in sterling jewelry cleaner to remove some of the oxidation which may build up over time.)

Never use bleach, ammonia, alcohol, or acetone on your sterling silver pieces. These fluids can cause damage beyond repair to the piece.


Storing Your Jewelry

When not wearing your jewelry, it is best to store in a cool, dry place or in a small Ziploc bag to minimize the amount of oxygen reaching your keepsake (oxygen and humidity speed up the oxidation process).

Do not sleep or participate in sports in your jewelry creations. This can cause undue strain to the chains causing them to break.


If you have any questions not answered in the above instructions, please feel free to contact me. I want you to be in love with your jewelry creation and wear it often.