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Brass Monogrammed Money Clip

Brass Monogrammed Money Clip

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Our Brass Monogrammed Money Clip is a great gift for any guy on your list. Makes a perfect Father's day present and groom or groomsmen gift.



When you’re shopping for the special guys in your life, it’s hard to know where to start.

You want something to remind him of you, but you know it has to be practical or it will end up stowed away in a drawer or box somewhere.

Our Brass Monogrammed Money Clip is perfectly practical with a gorgeous gold color. He can keep his money organized with a gift all about functionality paired with style.

We’ll hand stamp his monogram into the thick 18 gauge brass for a personalized touch so he knows you put thought and care into his present.

This is a great gift for the men in your life with a classic old-fashioned style.

Wallets can be inconvenient and unnecessary for guys who like to keep it simple. With a brass money clip, his cash will always stay safe and secure. The compact Brass Monogrammed Money Clip fits easily in his pocket so he won’t have to lug around a bulky wallet anymore.

For Dad

Your father has been a source of strength for you your entire life. Show him how much his care has meant to you all these years. Whenever he reaches for his Brass Monogrammed Money Clip, he’ll smile remembering your excitement when you surprised him on Father’s Day. He will love the sleek, minimal design. The compact size of this money clip will fit snugly in his pants pocket so he’ll never have to worry about pickpockets!

For Your Sweetheart

If you and your significant other are always competing for who gives the best anniversary gift, you’ll win this year! When he surprises you with flowers, surprise him right back with a customized Money Clip! Show him you appreciate everything he does with a gift that’s both thoughtful and practical. He’ll love the sleek, minimal design of the Brass Monogrammed Money Clip, customized just for him. Also great for his birthday, or as a wedding gift.

    • Personalize with monogram, initials, or name of choice

    • Brass clip is a thick 18 gauge brass with gold color

    • Clip is hand formed for a tight fit so that all of your money stays safe and secure

    • Monogram style has larger center initial for last name and first and middle name initials on each side (example… if name is John H. Doe, you would enter the initials as “JDH”)

    • The initials style will have all 3 initials in the same size (example… if your name is John H. Doe, you would enter the initials as “JHD”)

    • If you need a name or text other than a monogram on the money clip, please select the “General text” option (maximum of 10 characters)

    • Money clip in picture is monogram style

    • Longer personalizations or stamping on the back of the clip may incur an additional charge

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