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Handwritten Recipe Wood Cutting Board

Handwritten Recipe Wood Cutting Board

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Freeze a moment in time, reminisce about days in the kitchen with your grandmother, or simply capture an old favorite recipe with our handwritten recipe serving boards.  Each wood serving board is custom laser engraved with your own handwritten recipe.  These are perfect to hang in the kitchen and make the perfect unique and sentimental gift!  

We have so many options for wood species/colors, sizes and styles to fit you style perfectly!

Each board is finished with mineral oil and specialty board wax after engraving.  This both moisturizes the wood and makes it food safe.  You are welcome to use these boards in your kitchen or simply put on display.  

How to Order

Simply scan or take a photo of your handwritten recipe and upload to the upload link.  Cell phone photos typically work just fine.  To get the best possible photo (and best engraving results), follow these tips: 

  • The best handwriting samples are crisp black and white images.  I understand that many recipe cards have extra images on the card.  Those are fine, and I can typically eliminate those images and just use your handwriting.    
  • Avoid shadows on your recipe photos.  The best way to do this is taking your photo in natural light (close to a window during the daytime).  You can also use the zoom function on your camera or phone to zoom into the recipe without having to stand quite so close.  
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